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30 Sites With Helpful APIs for Developers

Why Don’t All Websites Have an API? And What Can You Do About It?

These sites do have APIs that might be helpful in gathering web data. Keep in mind, however, that APIs are not always reliable, and that web scraping is a more reliable method of gathering data.

  • Google APIs: An ever-changing list of 57 Google
  • Google Analytics API: Measure user interactions with your site or app across multiple
  • Youtube API: Choose from the data or players API to embed types of players or offer Youtube search
  • Blogger API: View and update blogger content, query for posts that match
  • Google Fonts API: Use a variety of custom fonts from Google on most modern browsers.
  • Google Translate API: Detect and translate the language of text in your site with only
  • Google Geocoding API: Create interactive maps with Google
  • Yahoo APIs: Yahoo’s 7 APIs can be coupled with a variety of their other web tools and development
  • Yahoo Connected TV API: Enables users to write TV apps in Javascript to deliver dynamic
  • Yahoo RSS Feeds API: Enables users to pull up content from sites sharing new posts on Yahoo RSS
  • Yahoo APT API: Buy and Sell advertising on Yahoo through this
  • Yahoo Search Marketing API: Allows access to Yahoo marketing data for managing marketing
  • Twitter API: Enables an app to interact with most of Twitter’s
  • it API: Find data on users, topics, and posts.
  • Facebook APIs: For ads, games, payments, login, sharing stats, and user
  • Linkedin API: Enables apps to connect to user accounts, data, connections, groups, communications, and social
  • Google+ API: Enables apps to login to Google+ view connections, groups, posts, and contact
  • Pinterest API: Enables apps to view the most clicked-through or repinned Pins, view related posts, and user
  • Tumblr API: Create new ways to use Tumblr with access to content, likes, followers, and
  • Instagram API: Search photos by location, user, tags, view trending photos, and make custom
  • Flickr API: Search through user Flickr content, contacts, upload or replace
  • Meetup API: Integrate Meetup groups and the corresponding data with larger apps or
  • eBay API: Search eBay categories, post things for sale, display eBay listings on other sites, and search bidder
  • ly API: Shorten URLs, search and analyze links with this API.
  • WordPress API: A variety of ways to extend WordPress through
  • Vimeo API: Search for data on videos, groups, channels, albums, and activity
  • Yelp API: Find geographically-oriented data, search by highest ratings, distance from
  • Dropbox API: Allows your app to sync files and data with Dropbox, giving you access to the Dropboxes of over 300 million global
  • Janrain API: Tools to recognize customers across platforms, offer single sign-on, and social
  • Amazon S3: Use Amazon storage to utilize your own API. Free tier includes 5GB storage, 20,000 Get Requests, and 2,000 Put